Employment Litigation

Over the past twenty five years, we have fought against companies in lawsuits brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act throughout the United States. We have also developed specific strategies to navigate through both substantive and procedural issues that arise. Working with each client individually, we often succeed in obtaining conditional and ultimate class action certification for our Plaintiffs. Our state-of-the-art database containing every conceivable template, resource, precedent, and our careful scrutiny of case progress ensures that our clients’ best interest is served in the suit.

At Troy Law, the attorneys always have the clients’ needs in mind. We are dedicated to protect and advocate for our clients at every step of the legal process, which can be challenging. As such, we will gather and analyze evidence of labor law violations and discrimination, to not only win, but to allow our clients to collect the most reasonable damages attainable.

Wage & Hour

Beginning on December 31, 2015, non-exempt employees* are entitled to a minimum hourly wage of $9 in New York. Across the United States, workers who work over 40 hours in any given workweek must be paid at time-and-one-half of their hourly pay rate.

Tip Theft

Troy Law is experienced in recovering stolen tips. Under the labor law in New York State, your employer must give you the entirety of gratuities that the customers intended to give to you.

Workplace Discrimination

Troy Law recognizes the value of diversity in the workplace. We believe that who you are is determined by the content of your character. If you are treated worse off because of your race, ethnicity, color, gender, pregnancy, religion, age, or disability by your boss or your co-workers, we will fight for you.

Sexual Harassment

If you have been the victim of uncomfortable comments, crude jokes, sexually-charged innuendo and/or other actions that disturb you, please take action and never let the perpetrator of sexual harassment blame you for his or her action. You are in the right.