Dunkin’ Donuts Sued for Making Its ‘Steak’ Sandwich Out of Ground Beef

By Clint Rainey, Grub Street (June 27, 2017 10:54am)

All meat-loving Americans love a good steak-and-eggs breakfast, so of course Dunkin’ Donuts has a bagel sandwich — the Angus Steak & Egg — that tries to mine the combo’s immense popularity. Dishonor such a seminal dish, though, and somebody will come for your neck, as the chain has discovered now that it’s the defendant in a new lawsuit filed by a woman in Queens. Chufen Chen argues the “steak” part of the Steak & Egg is BS — that it’s technically just a regular beef patty (from Angus cows, if that matters) mixed with lots of preservatives and fillers. That means the meat “[isn’t] in actuality steak but rather it’s a patty that they advertise heavily as steak” — a trick, essentially, that lets Dunkin’ sell the sandwich as a “luxury or superior product to their classic line.”

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